Boost immunity with chiropractic care

Can Chiropractic Care Boost Your Immunity?

Suffering from the common cold can happen any time of the year. The viruses that cause a cold can spread easily regardless of the season. However, our lifestyle and life choices also play an essential role in whether we get sick or not.

The Role of Our Immune System

Massachusetts chiropractors agree our built-in immunity system enables us to fight against infections. It protects your body by destroying any infectious organisms that attempt to invade. Different components of your immune system like white blood cells, proteins, organs, and tissues work together to help you stay healthy.

Issues with Our Immunity

If you are fit, exercise, and eat well your body is usually able to maintain a strong immunity system. But, sometimes this immune system can be compromised with an:

  • Immunodeficiency disorder
  • Auto-immune disorder
  • Allergies
  • or Cancer

Sometimes the body’s immune system will mistakenly attack itself (auto-immune disorder). Signals within the body get a little scrambled, such as with: Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, and Celiac Disease.

Treatment to Heal Immunity Issues

Chiropractic Care is mainly the manipulation of your body in relation to proper spinal alignment. The spine (and all the nerves (“wires”) running around it) control the nervous system, which is responsible for controlling your body. With a pinched nerve (wire) or misalignment of the spine, the signals cannot flow properly and your immune system no longer has a leader.

  • Proper Communication between Nervous and Immune System: Proper functioning of the nervous system ensures you have a strong immunity system and proper leadership to control that immunity system. Your nervous system carries messages from the brain (the leader) to all the body parts. It is the main highway where all traffic travels so all the destinations (organs, limbs, etc) have the correct information in a timely manner. Any interruption in the smooth passing of these messages can affect the functioning of your immune system. Proper Chiropractic Care aligns your spinal cord ensuring proper communication between your brain and your immune system.


  • Stop Getting Sick Frequently: Chiropractors in Lowell focus on promoting overall wellness in communities. Your Lowell, MA chiropractor will help you and your body fight invaders and prevent them from causing you pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care will help you be and stay healthy.


  • Speeds up the Healing Process: If you have a strong immune system then you will feel better more often and if you do happen to get sick your body will be able to fight and remove the infection much more quickly.


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