Chiropractic Care During Summer

5 Reasons You Need Chiropractic Care During Summer

Summertime isn’t over quite yet!  Sun, beaches, long drives, and just lounging about is the essence of summer (at least it was as a kid!). Unfortunately some of us are not kids anymore and our bodies need that little bit of extra help to keep us in proper working order when those summer activities trigger pain and/or stiffness.

Fortunately, getting chiropractic care during summer can help you stay safe, flexible and let you continue to enjoy the fun.

Chiropractic Care During Summer

Summer routine – not your everyday fare

Even if you don’t have travel plans, you may not follow your normal, non-summer related, routine.

Late night parties, drinking, dancing, all around fun is great…until the next morning.

All the fun is like exercise, take it slowly it first until your body gets used to the change.  Jumping up and down at a party can take its’ toll and you could start having some neck pain and/or back pain.

Routine chiropractic care helps keep you limber so you can party on!

An experienced chiropractor like Dr. Paul Daigle in Lowell, MA, can help your body, reduce/remove the back pain, neck pain of too much fun and help your body avoid it in the future.

Summer = Travel

A lot of people like to travel during summertime, usually to a beach like destination, which could mean long drives in the hot car.

If you are traveling long distances you should stop every couple hours, at least for a few minutes to get out and stretch the legs and move that body around.

Sitting for hours on end in the car can increase your risk of a number of issues, like neck pain and back pain; but with proper chiropractic care this summer and routine chiropractic care, your body is better able to handle the long periods of inactivity.

Exercise/Sports Pain Can Be Helped

More sun, more fun, more outdoor activities.  A lot of sports take place during warm or hot times and you have to be careful and stay hydrated.

But from the twists and tackle of a friendly football game to the twisting of your body when swinging those golf clubs your body can take a pounding.

Warm ups and stretching should be the first thing you do before your chosen sport.  Unfortunately, a lot of people just jump right in and pain is their reward.

Prepare your body for these strenuous activities through regular chiropractic sessions. Without these chiropractic adjustments, your repetitive sports motions could affect your spine in a very bad way.

Yard work

Summer is a good time for gardening, working in the yard and bending over…a lot.  When you keep a bent position for long periods of time your body and your spine do not like it.  It would much prefer an upright position and proper posture.

Moving around is a good thing but being stuck bent over picking weeds for a long period of time could cause some back pain and lower back pain.

Regular chiropractic adjustments could go a long way to keep your spine healthy allowing you to play in the dirt longer.

 Office Work

Office work doesn’t quite fall under “summer fun” or anything really related to summer, unless you have a “summer job” or maybe your a lifeguard.  But, sitting in the office day in and day out, glued to your chair does take its’ toll.

Chiropractic care will help you keep those kinks in check so you can, after work and on weekends, enjoy the summertime!

Chiropractic care during summer and year round will help keep you in tip top shape. Find out more and how you can live your life to the fullest.  Give Central Street Chiropractic a call book your appointment and visit to read more articles on how you can get the most out of your life with chiropractic care.

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