Workplace Injuries

Why do you need chiropractic care for workplace injuries?

Accidents in the workplace, like a fall, can happen to anyone at anytime despite following safety protocols. Further aggravation and complication of the problem by not dealing with the injury can lead to a more serious health problem and the possible loss of work and pay.

Common Workplace Injuries

Whether you work at an office, shop or factory, injuries can occur. Any form of musculoskeletal disorder in workplace injuries, like you would experience after a fall, can be treated by your chiropractors in Lowell.

  • Accidental tripping or slipping

Your workplace can be a hazardous place.  From an oily or greasy surface, liquid from a spilled drink or an obstacle on the floor you did not see; all these possible issues could leave you lying on the floor.

This type of accidental fall, trip or slip, could seriously affect your joints, muscles and nerves.

Although you might be a little bruised and “feel fine” your body probably did not appreciate the sudden affect of gravity in this unexpected manner.

Your local Lowell chiropractor should review and take proper care of your accidental fall, trip or slip. Otherwise these possible small workplace injuries could turn into something more serious.

  • Accidentally hit by falling objects

Ever heard someone say “Look out below!” or “Heads up!”  Two common phrases you don’t want to hear yelled in your direction.

Unfortunately a misstep by a colleague, the overloading of a shelf or even someone just bumping into a rack of objects could cause something to come hurtling down at you.

Getting accidentally hit by falling objects could cause a host of problems for your body. From minor cuts to head injuries could cause you a lot of pain or even worse. Your Massachusetts chiropractors are here to help identify which part of the underlying body structure was affected (which is not as obvious as you might think). They will also help in identifying what muscle(s), nerves or joint injuries are a result of this falling object accident.

Once your Lowell family chiropractor determines that, he can make the proper adjustments to your body so you can heal more efficiently, quickly and naturally without the need for drugs/painkillers.

  • Moving heavy objects

Your job may be loading heavy boxes all day long into a truck, or just moving that paper box out of your way so you can get to the copier.

Either way, done improperly, you back is not going to appreciate it.

“Lift with your legs” is not an empty phrase nor one to be taken lightly.

The heavier the load, the more strain you put on your back, neck and shoulders if you lift that item incorrectly.

Take a moment and make sure you take the proper precautions when lifting any object.

  • Falling from a height

Climbing up on your desk to fix that overhead light is not a great idea.

Of course, climbing up a ladder can also have the same effect when you fall.

Another common cause of workplace injuries is falling from a height. These types of accidents are probably more common at the construction site than at the office, but in either case you want to be careful and take the proper steps when climbing.

Falling from a height can cause damage to your spine, neck or other parts of the body and possibly kill you.  The higher you are the harder you are going to hit the ground. Central Street Chiropractic offers chiropractic treatment for work injuries in Lowell. They can help you when your body unexpectedly hits the ground.

  • Vehicle crashes and collision

If you work in a factory or a big warehouse you have the added possibility of getting hit by a moving vehicle, such as a forklift; or you could be driving the forklift and unexpectedly hit another vehicle or shelf.

These types of collisions, although not likely as severe as a car accident on the road, can still jar the body and knock you out of alignment.

When your body is out of alignment your ability to heal properly and quickly is much more difficult.

  • Repetitive movement

A repetitive work injury is not just for secretaries.

Repeated stacking of boxes into a truck or on a shelf, poor posture when moving items around or just sitting at your desk, and of course data entry into your computer can all result in a repetitive movement or repetitive strain injury.

Employees, such as yourself, can develop various musculoskeletal disorders of the hands, wrists, neck, and shoulders. Central Street Chiropractic offers natural, drug-free workplace injury treatment in Lowell to help treat the different types of repetitive strain injuries you could encounter.

Chiropractic care for Workplace Injuries

Central Street Chiropractic, a Lowell family chiropractic has been helping people like you for over 25 years.

Let us help you get back onto the road to recovery quickly, efficiently and without drugs/painkillers.

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