Chiropractic Care for Herniated Disc

Intervertebral discs are your body’s shock absorbers.  They sit between each vertebrae in your spine.  Your spinal column consists of small bones connected together by these discs which have a tough outer shell, like a rubber tire and a gel type center.

In your early years, these discs are mainly made up of water and hydration is a very important necessity if you want these discs to form properly while you age.  In your young and older adult years the discs have fully formed and help your body through the movement stresses of daily life.

Because the discs lose their flexibility as you age, damage and degeneration can result, especially if you are not maintaining the proper hydration.

There are two main problems associated with these discs:  protrusions and prolapses.

  • A prolapsed disc is when one or more of these discs bulge out of place and becomes deformed like squeezing a stress ball.


herniated disc treatment


  • A protrusion is similar except the gel like material in the middle pushes past the outer hard layer causing even more problems.


Either case is not good and if that protrusion happens to push on the spinal wires then you are going to be in pain or worse.  Even regular daily tasks like: sitting, standing, lifting, sneezing or even hard coughing will cause pain.  You could even have muscle spasms, cramps, general neck pain, back pain or sometimes foot or leg numbness and/or the inability to move limbs could occur.

The spine is an important part of your body.

With the chiropractic care and spinal decompression therapy offered by chiropractic doctors like Dr. Paul Daigle ( you can help relieve that pain and those problems quickly and without drugs.

This all natural method helps your body heal itself and may help you avoid the cost, time lost and even possibly a worse situation from surgery.

You should review all non-surgical options before going under the knife.  Surgery is not a reversible procedure.

Keeping your spine in alignment and your body in good shape could possibly help you avoid this type of spinal problem.

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