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3 Dos and Don’ts You Should Follow after an Auto-Accident Injury

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 6 million auto accidents occur every year in the US. Many of these accidents cause lifetime injuries because people do not get medical help right away since a lot of symptoms, like whiplash, do not immediately show. This can be a very grave mistake as these injuries could become severe. Here are some “dos and don’ts” after an auto accident injury.

After an Auto Accident Injury you SHOULD:

  1. Write Everything Down: The traumatic event of a car wreck can cause confusion and disorientation. It is important to write down how and when the accident happened. Without proper facts of what happened, your doctor (and your insurance company) will not be able to take the proper steps.
  2. Visit a Chiropractor: Unlike other medical methods, the chiropractic method heals the underlying cause of your pain by re-positioning your spine to its’ proper alignment allowing your body to heal itself. Your chiropractor will not only help heal your auto accident injury and relieve you from pain, but he will also more quickly help you restore your mobility. Chiropractic care and methods are safe, natural and painless.
  3. Track Your Progress: Make notes before, during and after your accident of your healing progress. By knowing how you felt then and now you will be able to assess if you are improving with your chiropractic care.

After an Auto Accident Injury you SHOULD NOT:

  1. Give Priority to Your Car: Your car can heal a lot faster than you will and although it may be devastating to see it wrecked, your priority should be to healing yourself first. If you don’t heal properly, how will you drive?
  2. Delay Your Chiropractor Visit: By not seeing your chiropractor soon after an accident, you risk your injuries becoming worse. Some of the common yet treatable auto accident injuries through chiropractic care are whiplash, spinal injuries, and back injuries. Even though you may feel fine, the sudden impact and unexpected stopping of your vehicle can have many underlying problems, which if left untreated could cause you pain and unnecessary suffering in next few days, weeks, months or even for the rest of your life.
  3. Make Notes: As above, making notes is an important first step immediately after a car accident. You want to make sure you get your facts straight for both your chiropractor and the insurance company. You don’t want to have to pay for the car repairs yourself if your insurance will cover it.

The Bottom Line

Auto accidents can affect you physically, mentally, and financially. It is vital to remain calm and keep your facts straight. It is better to find an experienced, respected Chiropractor now, before you have an accident.

In fact, it would be beneficial for you to visit with a chiropractor like Dr. Paul Daigle now at Central Street Chiropractic to help keep your body in its proper alignment.  Even just with everyday activities, your body and spine can become out of alignment.  With the proper chiropractic care you can have better health, lose weight and feel better overall.  And if you are ever in a car accident, your properly tuned body will be better able to handle this unexpected situation.

Visit Central Street Chiropractic or give us a call at 978-441-0600 to learn more.

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