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7 Tips to Prevent Back Pain While Driving

Can driving cause lower back pain?

The short answer is “Yes.”

Doctors have found many people experience back pain while driving for hours. Long driving times can cause both upper back pain and lower back pain. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent it while driving.

Simple Tips to Prevent Driving-Triggered Back Pain

Empty your Pockets

Having a lot of things inside your pockets can affect your sitting posture which can misalign your spine. Emptying your pockets, especially your back pockets, before sitting down to drive can help.

Move the Seat Forward

Adjust your seat position. If you are experiencing lower back pain while driving, adjusting your seat position up/down, front/back can help; just don’t do it while driving.

Having the proper seat position where are you are not leaning too far forward or back, keeping your body in a straight position, will go a long way to reducing or removing your back pain.

Use a Pillow for Extra Support

Place a small pillow in the seat behind your lower back in what is called the lumbar region (or if your car has a lumbar adjustment use that).

Set Your Mirror Position

A study conducted by BCA and VW shows most of the time the driver fails to adjust their mirror position. According to BCA, the driver should adjust the mirrors so they can see their mirrors without having to twist or move their body. Keeping your body in a straight position will help keep the back pain away.

Use Cruise Control

Many cars have cruise control. If you are able to use it on long trips cruise control can help reduce the excess movement of one foot/leg as you speed up and slow down.


Take breaks from driving after regular intervals to stop the compression of your spine and avoid back pain while driving. Take a break, get out of your car, walk around and stretch. This will relax your back muscles and provide movement. Sitting for extended periods of time has its’ own problems.

Keep Heat and Cold Packs in the Car

Heat and cold packs can be very helpful to alleviate back pain. There are products on the market that can become nearly instantly hot or cold and are easily portable.

Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care uses safe, natural methods to realign your spine. When your spine is in proper alignment, you body feels much better and you don’t have neck pain or back pain. The chiropractic care approach has proven itself to be an effective method to helping restore your body and health without drugs or surgery and of course no side effects.

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