Treatment for Tailbone Injury

Tailbone (Coccyx) Injury: How Can You Get Rid of its Pain?

Do you have pain in your lower back while sitting? No relief when lying down? You might have an injured tailbone (coccyx).

The medical name for tailbone pain is Coccydynia. It can occur when your coccyx (the bottom region of your spine) gets hurt due to prolonged sitting on a narrow surface, vaginal childbirth, a fall, or deteriorating condition of the joints. This kind of pain can be either mild or intense. When you stand up after sitting for hours, the pain may become sharp. Many tailbone injury patients experience painful sex and defecation. Discomfort can also arise in women during menstruation.

Warning Signs of Tailbone Pain

Experienced chiropractors in Lowell have observed the following symptoms in patients suffering from tailbone pain:

  • Bruising near the spine
  • Irritation and swelling
  • Tenderness and pain in the lower back
  • Difficulty in changing position
  • Painful intercourse
  • Pain while sitting


DIY Methods to Treat Tailbone Injury

  •  Massage: Use massage oil to gently massage the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this twice daily to overcome the pain.
  • Ice Pack: Another great treatment for tailbone injury is applying an ice pack. Ice packs can accelerate the healing process while reducing inflammation simultaneously. Apply an ice pack at least 4 times in a day help reduce the healing time.
  • Epsom Salt Bath: Take some epsom salt and add it to lukewarm water. Mix it well. Soak your body in this epsom salt bath for approximately 10-15 minutes. This bath will have a relaxing effect on your muscles. This is also good to do for overall body health.
  • Check Your Posture: Bad postures worsen coccydynia. Reduce its chances of frequent attacks by maintaining a good posture. Always sit upright to strengthen your core. Keep your neck straight.


Chiropractic Treatment Eases Your Pain

Chiropractic treatments bring you relief from the pain of an injured tailbone by focusing on spinal manipulation. No surgeries or medicines needed! Instead, a chiropractor will adjust your spine, and suggest workouts, massage therapies, and hot and cold compresses to reduce your pain.

Seek Professional Assistance

Tailbone pain shouldn’t be ignored. Get chiropractic treatment to help improve the overall function of your spine and keep your body in proper alignment. Visit to get in touch with a qualified and experienced Lowell family chiropractic chiropractor. Getting chiropractic treatment from such a renowned professional means fewer consumption of medicine. In addition, chiropractic treatment does not have any side effects. Definitely a preferable option.

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