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Sopearvy Sum

Nice employees and awesome place to go to!

Brian Daigle

Awesome staff very professional. I would recommend them for sure.

David Fiorello

Don’t know where to start but my back was all screwed up for years and with time and treatment Dr. Bill has me pain free most of the time. The girls at the office who help out are super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks a bunch!

Chanvon Mom

The therapy has helped me to feel much better after my car accident. I also love the friendly and professional staff at the office.

Lawrence Flynn

Great staff, got my back to pain free with their laser and decompression technique, can’t recommend them enough

Nathan S

This place is absolutely fantastic, great staff, great doctors, great location!

Kate McLaughlin

Dr. Daigle and Dr. Bill are very knowledgeable, attentive, and caring. Repairing the damage to my neck was much quicker than anticipated due to their diligence and the expert laser therapy done by Katie and Vonn. The team at Central St. Chiropractic is outstanding!

Stephanie Mello

I love the environment at Dr. Daigle’s office! The staff is so friendly and always makes sure that my needs are met. Dr. Daigle takes the time to listen to me and is an awesome chiropractor. I recommend him to all of my friends.

Mike Bonasoro

Highly recommended central st. Chiropractic due to the results I obtained. They were very attentive to my symptoms and explained their plan to get me back to work. I came in with the usual symptoms of a crooked back on one occasion due to a herniated disc in my lower back and on another occasion had a herniated disc in my neck. Being very frustrated when I started treatment, but began to have hope as the different treatments began to show results. I began with three visits a week doing adjustments, laser therapy, and a decompression machine. A combination of these three methods gave me dramatic results in a matter of a few weeks. The decompression machine took some of the pressure off my discs so they could heal properly and the laser therapy penetrated deep into my scar tissue that my body laid down and broke it up and then with an adjustment the disc could heal properly. Essentially you don’t want to heal crooked and with movement from adjustments and the laser therapy it sped up my heal time and helped my body form the necessary scar tissue properly. Myself and other family and friends see Central st. Chiropractic and they are in my mind a lifesaver.

We Accept

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  • 2Unicare
  • 3United Health
  • 4Evercare
  • 5Cigna Health Care
  • 6Harvard Health
  • 7Secure Horizon
  • 8Medicare
  • 9And More
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