Julie Olson

I really appreciate the convenience of being able to walk in and receive treatment. The staff are always friendly and professional. I experienced significant lower back pain, and the deep-tissue laser therapy made a huge difference.

Liam T

Central St. Chiropractic is amazing ! I hurt my knee playing basketball and it was extremely difficult and painful to walk. Dr.Bill helped me recover in no time with laser treatment. After a couple weeks of therapy and healing I was walking pain free. Along with the excellent treatment the staff is incredibly friendly and caring. I can’t recommend Central St. Chiropractic enough, if you have any aches and pains go to Central St. Chiropractic!

steven schaffer

Overall i could not be happier, they were able to get me back up and running not only after my original reason for visiting but for the car accident that happened right after. I now have full mobility again(thankfully) and fell as though i may have gained some mobility i did not have before. Highly recommend coming here for any chiropractic need!

Kimberly Dillon

I have been coming here on and off for 20 years. I have come into the office unable to walk or stand and left so much better after 1 visit and great after a few. I was rear ended in my car a couple months ago and was having massive pain in my back. I was unable to walk, sit, lie in certain positions and I was getting major headaches. Central Street Chiropractic has been helping me to get better. The laser therapy has helped me recover so much quicker and the headaches are gone. I would recommend it to everyone who has any issues with their back or muscles. The doctors and staff that work there are friendly and listen to everything you explain is going on and they take notes and follow up. I really feel heard and they work with me and explain to me in a way I understand. They don’t make me feel rushed and make me feel comfortable to ask any questions I have. I would and have driven any distance to get there and I trust then completely. I recommend going in if you do or don’t have issues currently. It never hurts to get checked out!

Cindy Nicolau

Amazing chiropractors, great staff and great experience. Highly recommended!

Jeffrey Morgan

I’m a 78 year old man. Life for me has been quite painful due to spinal stenosis and degenerative scoliosis. My local doc said I should have surgery but at my age it could be risky.  I looked around and found Central Street Chiropractic and figured I couldn’t make it worse.  Although it has taken a while (nearly 4 months)  I am feeling better, able to move better and I don’t need my pain meds as much anymore. Much better than getting cut open.  I think chiropractic is the way to go.

Kyle Phillips

Sciatica is painful and I had it bad. Pain down my left leg was making it very difficult to walk. Pain meds weren’t doin’ it for me.  A friend who had used central street chiropractic said I should try it. 6 weeks since he had started treating me with regular adjustments, massage therapy and simple home exercises/stretches, my pain is much less. Dr. Daigle and his team are great. If anyone reads this, you should check it out yourself.

John Thach

When I first came to Central Street Chiropractor, I was scared my back wouldn’t be go back to normal, I have took laser therapy, plus seeing the doctor when every time I went along with some physical therapy, my back is on it’s way to what it used to be. I appreciate the doctors and the receptions there. The receptionists make your visits pleasant and also they are the ones that do the laser therapy for you. The doctors are caring and they are good at what they do, and Central Street Chiropractor works very well with your schedule, plus you cannot beat the validated parking they do for you so for anybody that is in pain, I would recommend Central Street Chiropractor to them! Great job! I’m happy I picked this place to go to!

Nathaniel Hill

Dr. Daigle and his team great did a great job!

Nicholas Lee

High doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen just wasn’t cutting it for me. In looking for another way to fix my stiff neck and headaches I found this place. Since Dr. Daigle started treating me, all my problems have been greatly reduced. My neck stiffness is nearly gone. The splitting headaches are gone as well. I can’t thank Dr. Daigle and his team enough for helping me feel so much better.

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