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Why Should you See a Chiropractor after getting into a Car Accident?

Car accidents not only cause damage to your car but can also leave you seriously injured. Therefore, to prevent serious health complications in your back and neck from this type of accident you should visit an experienced, knowledgeable and licensed chiropractor like Dr. Paul Daigle of Lowell, MA. Chiropractic treatment can help you recover from auto injuries after a collision or crash.

If you have a musculoskeletal disorder from an auto-accident, your chiropractors will be able to treat you effectively, efficiently and without drugs. However, if you have serious internal injuries you will want to see a trauma doctor or the emergency room immediately.

You should visit the chiropractors in Lowell immediately after a car accident for proper musculoskeletal diagnosis. After a thorough examination your Lowell chiropractor will be able to target the problem areas and help you feel better fast.

Why chiropractic treatment is needed for auto-injuries

Chiropractic care has been proven as an effective treatment to heal various auto injuries.

Treating musculoskeletal disorder

One of the most common auto accident injuries from a car accident is whiplash. With this type of injury you are likely to have headaches, neck pain, and possibly lightheadedness. An experienced chiropractor, like Dr. Paul Daigle of Central Street Chiropractic is very well known for his whiplash treatment in Lowell.

Healing unnoticeable injuries

Many injuries from a car accident are not immediately noticeable. As a result these auto injuries do not receive immediate medical treatment and run the risk of turning into a major complication. Massachusetts Chiropractors carry out complete health tests to identify the extent of your auto injuries. Based on these evaluations your chiropractor will decide on the best course of treatment to help you feel and heal better fast.

Reduce Inflammation

Chiropractic care is also effective in reducing inflammation (your body’s reaction to injury) after an auto accident. By reducing this inflammation you also reduce the pain and suffering.

Restoring range of motion

After the adrenaline has worn off and you start to calm down after a car accident, you will start to notice various pain and stiffness in your joints and body. Auto injuries can affect your mobility and reduce your range of motion. Chiropractic care can help restore your normal physical condition. This will help you to get back to your life before the accident faster.

When should you visit a chiropractor for auto injuries treatment?

It is recommended you see a chiropractor as early as possible after a car accident. To get chiropractic treatment for auto injuries in Lowell, schedule your appointment with the experienced chiropractors at Central Street Chiropractic.

Even though you may think you are just sore from your car accident, there could be underlying structural damage. If left untreated, they can turn into something worse.  Best case, your chiropractor can check to ensure there is nothing wrong so that you can return to normal.  But, if he does find something, he will be able to correct the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

It is better to find and fix a problem when it is small rather wait until it has grown into something much harder to correct.

How many times do you  required to visit a chiropractor for auto injuries treatment?

Each person is unique and each case is different.  The severity of your car accident and your body’s ability to cope with the sudden and immediate impact forces of that car accident will determine the number of times you will need  chiropractic adjustments.

Your body wants to be in the proper position to allow the best blood and nerve flow and communication with your brain.  Anything less can result in headaches, dizziness, lightheaded feelings. It can even compromise functioning of your internal system since communication with the brain is that important.

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